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Reasons Why You Should Stay in Shangri La Singapore

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Shangri La Singapore is one of the best hotels to stay in while you are in this country. Its location enables you to go from one place to another at ease. You can explore the city because the hotel location is nearby the city center. 

If you browse it, many famous people have stayed here. They are not only celebrities but also heads of state. The following are some reasons why you should stay at this hotel. During a Singapore staycation, of course you need a lot of alone time and moments to enjoy good food, pleasant views, and serenity. This hotel will give it all. Moreover, there are also many positive things that you can know from this hotel. What are the advantages of Shangri La?

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Hotel Historical Background

Shangri La Singapore connects you with its historical background. This luxury hotel starts here. The name is taken from Shangri-La as the mythical palace, as mentioned in the novel Lost Horizon written by James Hilton. 

The hotel was opened to the public in 1971. Located in Orchard Road, it made the hotel fill the needs of the growing city. At that moment, Singapore was the place that welcomes luxury travelers.  Most luxury clients were looking for a high-end experience. They searched leisure and convenience as the way to enjoy their holiday. Therefore, this hotel was established to meet the need. 

Although the hotel building was already ages, the visitors will not feel it. The sweeping renovation project helps to improve the aesthetic of the building. It becomes one of the most beautiful hotels in Singapore. 

Staying at this hotel will allow you to know the buildings with high historical value. Moreover, you can also take a lot of photos from that place. Not only are the photos attractive, the views are stunning too.

Exceptional Setting

Apart from its historical background, Shangri La Singapore also offers you with pleasing environment. Established in the land of six hectares, this hotel is the biggest in the heart of Singapore.  It offers you gorgeous surroundings within the city. Feel its calm and wonderful atmosphere inside the hectic city. You will love not only the architecture but also the interior design. 

As a luxury hotel, Shangri La Singapore provides its guests with beautiful amenities. If you want to have a relaxing day, you can lie down nearby the pool. The location is the perfect place to escape from busy activities.  You can also swim on it and refresh yourself with the water. It is also possible to order meals from a hotel restaurant and spend all day here. Each spot in this hotel offers you marvelous settings. 

The hotel restaurant is nearby the pool. Besides, breakfast is also served outside that allows you to enjoy the outside surrounding. Feel the breeze of the green garden and listen to the birds singing.  Staying in this hotel enjoys nature inside the urban environment. Moreover, you can join several hotel programs, whether inside or outside the building. 

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